Winter Way Down South.....

Crisp winter mornings, winter woolies and hot drinks - I'm trying to remember! These days winter doesn't appear as cold as it used to be where I live. Parts of New Zealand get the colder temperatures along with snow etc but here at my home winter is quite manageable.

Rain though, we get lots of rain! Well we did last winter for sure so it will be interesting to see whether it's like that this year. As for frosty mornings I think I counted only five of those in 2021.

Maybe wearing masks, masks the air we breathe. Where once winter breaths could be seen, perhaps we are now snugly shielded.....

Grey rainy mornings

perhaps a day of scrunching

should the frost settle.....

Frank's haibun prompt for dVerse ~ prose with haiku, all about Winter.

Here's the link: Winter

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