Winter Down Under.....

I live in the Southern Hemisphere so August is the middle of Winter for me. But already Spring lambs are being born, with Spring flowers blooming in paddocks heralding the birth of these new lambs. It's bleak today with grey skies but one doesn't need to wrap up warm with the temperature sitting between 13C and 16C. Further South there is snow and colder temperatures for sure, but right now where I am sitting it's pretty jolly nice!

Southern August chill,

not so bad for man or beast

when daffodils bloom.....

A dverse poets prompt to write a 'haibun' alluding to the month of August or perhaps to the namesake of Augustus. My paternal grandfather's name was Augustus Nicholas but was often referred to as Gussie Nick! However nature won out today for my haibun so Gussie Nick will have to wait for another day!

Here is the link to Dverse poets: August poems

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