Who Dunnit?

I went out to the hazel wood because a fire was in my head, a burning, a flame fueled by checked emotions. Needed to clear my head before it spontaneously combusted. Anger had started the fire straight after the 'run in' which had been fierce and confronting!

You see, an injustice had occurred that saw a false accusation declared, or rather announced, to all and sundry. Guilty! Guilty! The child is guilty!

But I knew he hadn't done it for I was there and actually witnessed the crime - graffiti sprayed all over the bottom half of the neighbour's fence at a child's reach. The fact he had the can of paint in his hand sealed his fate.

I spoke up and announced that it had been me who had sprayed the fence! But they didn't buy it, making the fire in my head unbearable....

This prosery is for a d'verse prompt where we are required to write a prosery of exactly 144 words. It also must include the lines 'I went out to the hazel wood because a fire was in my head.'

dverse prosery prompt

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