War or Peace...

Where lovers woo, white doves coo

against a blackening sky;

war or peace, such won't cease

no matter how hard we try.

A stark reminder we must be kinder

to our enemies and foes;

for should we fail, another coffin nail

will endorse death's darkened throes.

Yet we fight for what is right,

if a noble and just cause;

but mothers weep as sons dig deep

and fight these bloody wars...


Sarah welcomes us to dVerse - "I want to inspire you with the strange and wonderful paintings of Lee Madgwick. Yes - we're going ekphrastic!

I first came across Lee's work on Twitter - @LeeMadgwick - and was struck by his surreal landscapes, and those enigmatic buildings. I immediately wanted to share them with you guys, and see what poetry came out of them, and Lee was kind enough to give me permission to do that. Please stick with these images, as these are the ones we have permission for - but if you want to see more of Lee's (amazing) work, you can find him at leemadgwick.co.uk. Here's the dverse link: Ekphrastic

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