Incoming! Once again she was being assailed on all fronts by the 'should haves', the 'would haves', and the 'could haves', familiar foes that used multiple tactics to bring her to her knees.

But this time she was ready, for over the years she had finally learned to fight back.

"I am bombarded yet I stand. You may think you have won but not any more", she quietly said, more focused than ever before.

Standing tall, the woman felt the foes of guilt and condemnation begin to leave her mind. They rose up and fled, knowing that they would never be able to infiltrate this vessel again, for their tactics had at last been exposed.

All it had taken was for her to have the courage to stand.....

Todays dverse poets challenge- Bombarded -is to write a prosery of not more than 144 words.

It must contain the following line:

Here is the line:
“I am bombarded yet I stand.”
From Adrienne Rich, “Planetarium”

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