Vacant Lots and Plots.....

I find writers' block is quite seasonal for me. At times I experience four seasons in a single day or maybe four seasons within a week. Just like the weather, writer's block manifests unpredictably, leaving me bereft of subject matter and adjectives!

The trick is not to panic! For just like the weather, the sun will eventually come out and I will get to 'see' clearly once more.

Writers block also brings out a capricious and whimsical side of me, where I write flippantly and childlike, just to write something! For example, I had to resist the urge today to write a poem describing a woman with a bun on the top of her head! My crazy mind could see a 'high bun'! See what I mean by this silly side of me? Anyways, here is my haiku offering to make this into a haibun.....

Un-ploughed ground awaits

for the tiller's inky hoe,

breezes bring the seed.....

A dverse poets prompt to pen a haibun in regards to experiencing 'writers block'.

Here is the Link: Writers Block

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