Unrequited Love.....

Wilt thou not glance my way,

catch mine eye, lead me astray?

Hearts' full bloom thus must wait

for the latch to open at my gate.

With eyes that seek to look upon

thy handsome form up close, not yon';

I stand, with hope my constant shield,

and prepare myself to quietly yield.

Perhaps there is nay magical ending

even with mine hearts' love sending;

it doth appear thee must stay afar,

yet mine gate for thee I shall leave ajar.....

Today's dverse poets prompt to write a poem about the Valentines that didn’t happen. The lost loves, the ones that didn’t work out: the holiday romance whose number you lost; the girl you chatted with on a train who was travelling to meet her fiancé; the guy who seemed perfect, but stood you up.

Because my hubby and I have been together for 52 years I couldn't draw upon [or remember]a personal account to share. True! [hehe] Instead I have gone for a romantic poem from my imagination.

Here is the link: Lost Loves

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