The War Machine.....

'Depravity' the history rat

has no care for others,

it rides upon its war machine

takes sons from off their mothers.

'Tis neither man nor mortal being

this rat of deprivation,

it wants what land it can remove

from every nearby nation.

The glory sought empowers the rat

to go against what's right

to surge ahead without regard

for it loves a bloodied fight.

It deems itself the righteous rat

which must be praised and lauded

but will it win and boast of that

and expect to be applauded?

The answer lies within dear friend

that moral compass true,

something that this warring rat

most likely never knew.....

I couldn't get "Macavity the Mystery Cat' [T.S. Eliot] out of my mind, for whatever reason. It wasn't as if I had just re-read it or anything, but I suddenly came up with this poem.

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