The Walking Man.....

Down the stony path he strode

preferring to walk while others rode,

with hat on head and cane in hand

he knew that he would take a stand.

The townsfolk gathered in the square

waiting for their elected Mayor

who arrived in wheels of shiny black

the Mayoral car, the Cadillac.

With pomp he gave a rousing speech,

for money did the Mayor beseech,

but the man who walked while others rode

into the arena he bravely strode.

'Enough!' he cried, 'this is quite unfair!

This Cadillac is old and rare,

it's time to sell and release some money',

but the Mayor didn't think that that was funny.

'Oh no!' the Mayor cried, 'I need this car!

For it has taken me so near and far

to greet important Kings and Queens

and countries with historic scenes'.

The man who walked then smiled and said,

'Your feet will take you on roads ahead,

release the money that this car's worth

for exercise will reduce your girth'.

The townsfolk cheered and approved this plan

that was introduced by the walking man;

sense prevailed for their country was small

only five miles long and five miles tall.

So from then on in the people strode

down stony paths and no more they rode;

the Cadillac's sale providing much cash

with the Mayor no longer pompous or brash.

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