The Swimming Hole.....

Catching my breath I paused to rest. Having set out early I wished to reach the swimming hole where one could take a dip uninterrupted. Without a compass and with an appalling sense of direction I was beginning to think that perhaps I was lost.

With strength regained, I set off once more, with the terrain gradually becoming barren and dry. Determined however to reach my goal, on I wandered, lonely as a cloud on a hot summer's day.

Suddenly, and without warning, there it was! Throwing all caution to the wind I ran, shedding my clothes along the way. Sinking into the cool water I soon became aware that I was being watched.....

Lillian from dVerse has given us this prosery prompt ~ 'The line I want you to include in your prose/flash fiction of 144 words or less, sans title, is “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. Remember, you must use the line, word for word. The punctuation may be different....but the words must be there, ordered just as they were by Wordsworth, word for word.

Here's the link: Wordsworth

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