The Sea of Ink.....

'He went to sea in a thimble of poetry' ~ Poet Warning by Jim Harrison

In a fragile coracle of woven words,

which had seeded in his imagination,

he left the shores of Blah and headed

out upon the beckoning Sea of Ink.

He sowed the seeds willingly into waters

that would either drown his words

or happily float them far and wide.

And thus another wordsmith was born.....

A dVerse poets prompt to write an epigraph poem using one of the lines suggested from Jim Harrison's book ~ Songs of Unreason. The line I have chosen is from his poem 'Poet Warning' ~ 'He went to sea in a thimble of poetry.'

I have edited my poem several times until I finally think I have an epigraph poem! Being new to this form it had me a bit flummoxed for awhile.

Here is the link: Epigraph Poems

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