The Quiet Man.....

'Shhhh,' the quiet man softly said,

'For I wish to hear the sound

of the silence in my head.'

But neither man nor beast

would let the man alone,

continuing with their barking

of noisy sound and tone.

The quiet man clutched his head

and pleaded for them to stop

but their incessant talking

they weren't that keen to drop.

So with that he quietly walked away

as far as he possibly could,

until he found a sheltered place

in the middle of a shady wood.

Here the quietness settled him down

so once again he got to hear,

the beautiful sound of silence

that made him shed a tear.

For in the hustle and bustle

this quiet man wasn't flourishing,

he needed the sound of silence

so soulful yet so nourishing.....

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