The Old, Old Story.....

This poem is in the 'tanaga' style which is Filipino in origin. It must have four lines of seven syllables each, with every end word rhyming the same. I have written this poem as a 'triple tanaga'.

There's a story to be told

to the young and by the old,

of JESUS Who left the fold

to bring souls in from the cold.

There's a story to be sung

to the old and by the young,

on the Cross JESUS was hung,

for every tribe and tongue.

Salvation is for today

as we bow our knees and pray

to be rescued from the fray,

our redemption He did pay.

I took this photo in my garden this morning. It kinda stood out for me, reminding me of the Blood that JESUS shed on the Cross and the Crown of thorns. The more I looked at it the more this humble little flower spoke to me.....

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