The Morning's Gift.....

Come! Let us greet the dawn,

throw back the curtained night;

inhale the newness of this day,

this glorious fresh born light!

Come! Let us greet the dawn,

yawn off the sandman's grit

and listen to the thrush's song

from where the branch he sits.

Come! Let us greet the dawn,

watch as the birds take flight;

embrace this day for it's a gift

that brings us much delight.....

Today's prompt [thanks Laura] is to write a poem evoking daybreak/greeting the dawn

It may be a poem about lovers parting at dawn or about dawn itself.

  • Please include ‘Morning’ or ‘Aubade’ somewhere in the title of your chosen poem

  • Either poem can be written in any rhyme scheme but since ‘aubade’ also refers to a piece of music to the morning then focus on making the words sound melodious.

  • For those who prefer more of a challenge, write in hymnal, ballad or a song format of your choosing

Here is the link: Dawn

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