The Lamb of GOD.....

'Just as I am without one plea'

this very old hymn affected me;

telling the story of saving Grace

with me not needing to plead my case.

Just as I am LORD, warts and all

how's that possible when You give the call?

My sins, my past, and every mistake

You'll take them all for JESUS's sake?

It seems too simple to come this way

yet I will believe just what You say;

so without one plea and just as I am

I come to You dear Holy Lamb.....

An explanation:

In the old Covenant GOD required a sacrificial lamb that was without blemish or spot in order to accept the people. There were many Laws that needed to be followed.

In the new Covenant JESUS was that required sacrificial Lamb. By His Son dying on the Cross GOD made a Way for all people to be saved. Each one of us falls short of GOD's Glory, all of us are sinners. The only One Who was without sin or blemish, was JESUS.

This is why He is referred to as the Lamb of GOD.

HE made it possible to be saved. We just need to come to Him, acknowledging our sinful state and ask Him to forgive us. We don't need to enter any plea or bargaining.

You might ask 'Do I have to go to a church to do this?' or 'Do I have to pray a big elaborate prayer?'

The answer is 'no' to both questions.

Just as you are right now, ask JESUS to save you.....

I am praying for a Divine appointment for someone who reads this post and is stirred by these words for salvation. Come Holy Spirit and breathe on these words that they might touch someone's heart. All praise and Glory belongs to JESUS.....

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