Healing from Anguish.....

Just underneath the surface

lies a bubbling miry pool,

where thoughts and worries mingle

and judgments harshly rule.

To all intents and purposes

it appears that all is well,

this duck is swimming grandly

upon a slowly rising swell.

But time habitually may reveal

the frantic paddling feet,

with swells and ducks in a mess

when they both eventually meet.

Kaboom! The hurt is now exposed

and the duck is in sore trouble;

feathers flying and anguished quacks

determine the pile of rubble.

The wick that caused this fiery blast

caught the brave duck by surprise,

for just underneath the surface

lay the soul-destroying lies.

The Great Physician picked up the duck

holding it closely to His chest,

and whispered deep within its' heart

"In Me you will find your rest".

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