The Green Season.....

Gardeners busy in their patches

readied dirt as springtime hatches,

seeds greening.

Trellis structures built to withstand

climbing tendrils curling from land

now greenish.

Waiting as the new season warms

strategic warfare against swarms

of greenflies.

Tall old plum trees are stirring too

promising the bees who will woo


With future crops from tree and bed

farmers markets are planned ahead

selling greens.....

A dverse poets prompt to pen a 'compound word' poem. There are quite a few rules to follow and I'm not at all sure if I have stayed the course! Five 3-line stanzas are called for with a total of 15 lines. The syllabic structure is one of 8/8/3 . To understand this form please check out their website here with opportunity to read other compound word poems.

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