The Covering.....

Love that covers, love Divine,

I am Yours and You are mine;

hidden within the Rock of Ages

my life unveiled through the pages

of the Lambs' Book of Life.

O love that covers, love Divine,

forget-me-not as You entwine

our hearts together as we ascend

the garden where Yeshua tends

the plantings of His love.

Love that covers, love Divine

I am Yours and You are mine

tapestry of purple Royal

I have found that You are loyal

to all who cling to Thee.....

The deverse poets prompt is to write a 'conceit' poem, something that is totally new for me! Here is the link: Conceit

Bjorn from dverse offers this explanation of what a conceit is:

'A conceit is defined as an extended and complex metaphor that creates that apart from creating an element of surprise. If a metaphor is used to enhance imagery the conceit is better suited to describe an intricate metaphysical or emotional subject.'

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