The Cherry on Top.....

'I am on a roll,'

said the icing to the bun,

[stating the obvious

was his kind of fun];

'Well,' said the bun,

'you may seem very merry,

but wait 'til you meet

the topping called cherry!'

'What!?, said the icing,

'I'm the master stroke!'

'if a cherry comes along

he'll be first to croak!'

Well they say that pride often,

goes before a fall,

and sure enough the icing learnt

he had dropped the ball.

The cherry topped the icing proud,

with a solemn humble plop

and down the pecking order

the icing slowly flopped.

The moral to this ditty is

to know where you are at

for people can be quick to say

you're really not 'all that'!

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