The Blooming of Hope.....

April had been a trying month for her, what with one thing or another. Hope had lost all perspective as circumstances crowded her good judgment. Decisions needed to be made that was for sure, but the thick fog of despondency had clouded her thoughts.

"For how can I be sure I shall see again, the world on the first of May?" Hope lamented.

Feeling overwhelmed the girl walked out her back door and into the garden. With her head bowed she shuffled along the garden path.

A thrush sang to her, "Look up! Look up!" Raising her tired head Hope looked up, and noticed the apple tree was in bloom.

The fog began to dissipate as tiny buds of hope began to burst deep inside her.....

Merril at dVerse poets has prompted us to write a prosery [not more than 144 words] which is to include this line:

“For how can I be sure

I shall see again

the world on the first of May”

From “May Day” by Sara Teasdale

Here is the link: Sara Teasdale prosery prompt

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