The Battle of the Corvidae.....

The Battle of the Corvidae

took place in Woolley Valley

with treachery and murder

concocted in an alley.

The Ravens and the Crows

together planned and hatched,

thinking that their treachery

could not be ever matched.

They planned to take the Valley

and dispense with other foes,

these nasty warring corvidae,

the Ravens and the Crows.

But what they hadn't counted on

were the parliamentary Rooks

who found out about their evil plans

which they'd written in their books.

The Rooks called an urgent meeting

with the clattering Jackdaws

together devised a master plan

to stop these Valley wars.

With a squad of flying Magpies,

who were up for anything,

these allies stuck together

striking on the wing.

Thus the Battle of the Corvidae

was won by those who knew

that evil will never prosper

when against a righteous few.....

Todays dversepoets prompt [thanks Ingrid] is to write a poem about the 'corvidae' family of birds which consists of ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, choughs, magpies and crows.

Their groupings are known as:

A treachery of ravens

A parliament of rooks

A clattering of jackdaws

A scold of jays

A chattering of choughs

A mischief of magpies

A murder of crows

Here is the link: Corvidae

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