The Alpha and the Omega.....

"Tell me kind Sir, as I need to know,

how far is it to the gold rainbow?

I've walked many miles over the years

accompanied with joy yet often tears.

The valleys have been hard to navigate

which have made me think I might be late

for the Bridegrooms supper of wedded bliss,

a celebration that I don't want to miss.

So please tell me kind Sir, as I need to know,

how much further do I need to go?"

"Ahhhh dearheart, keep on this right road

and let me carry any burdensome load,

for I AM with you from the start to finish

and My Own Light will never diminish.

Now place your hand in Mine as we walk

let's enjoy each other whilst we talk

of this and that and where and when,

as we reach the rainbow you'll know then.

So never give up, persevere in My Way,

I promise dearheart, you will see the day!"

The Alpha and the Omega = first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.
Expressive of GOD and CHRIST's eternity ~ the Beginning and the End.

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