Todays dverse poets prompt is to pen a haibun centered around being thankful.

Here is the link: Thanks

Drinking coffee, or tea, should never be underestimated. For decades I have done just that with my very dear friend [MC], and it is in that setting that we have shared many things. Personal matters, family matters, deepest secrets, plus our hopes, dreams and disappointments. It is a friendship that is priceless and one where we both trust each other explicitly. Should one be struggling the other lifts up, should one be joyful, the other is happy too. We have laughed together and wept together countless times. We have even annoyed each other at times but that has been quickly discounted. So today I wish to honour my closest and most loyal friend, whose friendship I am thankful for beyond measure.....

Enduring friendship

of love which empathizes;

up for a coffee?

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