Tearing the Bark Off.....

We have a saying in New Zealand, which other cultures also may have, that when you see someone with a grazed knee or shin, or any part of the skin for that matter, you say 'I see you have been tearing the bark off.'

This morning I had a wee conversation with JESUS where I apologized to Him for something that happened recently, and where I had been at fault. As I spoke with Him I suddenly 'saw' a tree with a bit of the bark scraped off the trunk. I understood pretty much straight away that the careless words I'd spoken had been like scraping bark from a tree. So yes, I had indeed torn some bark off, wounding myself in the process, and needing the Great Physician to cleanse the wound and to bind it up.

The Bible says that 'by His wounds we are healed' so I knew that He wouldn't turn away from me when I went to Him for forgiveness and healing. I tell you, a relationship with JESUS is like no other! HE is full of mercy and when we fall and scrape some skin off, He picks us up and makes it better. What a loving and caring Father He is!

Bind up my wounds LORD

with forgiveness and Grace

when I fall pick me up,

put me back in the race.

Kiss this poor child LORD

with Your mercy and love,

thank You for soothing me

dear Heavenly Dove.....

"If they fall they will not stay down, because the LORD will help them up."

Psalm 37 v24

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