Taking a Break.....

I turned the news off tonight,

same old, same old, I'm tired of the sight;

my brain needs a rest from the verbal assault

of bad news and sad news and who is at fault.

How do the media cope with it all

as they report on the news intent to appall

their listeners, their watchers, their regular viewers,

ordinary people who are sick of the sewers

of filth and of warring, and of terrible news

so why do we listen to the media 's views?

They say they're reporting all facts that are true

but I'm not so sure it's not their point of view.

So give us a break and bring us good news

for great things are happening for those who do choose

to look at the bright side and celebrate life

enough of the factions, enough of the strife!

I'm not putting my head in the sand about world events. Rather I am just taking a break from what is being broadcast nightly. A constant barrage is not good for the soul!

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