Softly and Gently.....

Trees swayed in unison as a gentle breeze blew,

with dulcet cooing heard amongst the branches.

A dovecote stood tall and sentry-like nearby,

with the sweet sounds of the feathered guardians

gracing the cemetery's grey pallor, bringing peace

to the grieving, or the curious, who came to view the stones.

It was here the woman stood, at her mother's grave,

weeping tears of regret and of keenly felt loss;

yet somehow, like honey, the cooing soothed her

coating her grief in melliferous tones of acceptance.....

A dVerse poets prompt to write a 'sound' poem. I'm afraid I didn't include as many 'sound' words as suggested! I have used dulcet/cooing/honey[ed] and melliferous.

Here is the link: The Poets Storehouse

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