Skillful Scootering.....

Swiftly she swerved

swiping several seller's stalls

saving someone sidewalk sitting.

Swearing silently she stopped,

sweat soaked, stressed, strained.

Startled sidewalk sitter stood,

staggering spliff steps

signifying splurged spending.

Sighing she shrugged sad shoulders,

side-stepping spliff smoker's shenanigans.

Slowly she scootered, singularly safe.....

This poem is in response to a d'verse poetry prompt to write a quadrille poem of 44 words [not counting the title] and using the word 'swift', or any of its forms. I have written a 'tautogram' poem where one must use the same letter to begin every word!

D'verse Quadrille - 'Swift'

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