Shooting Stars.....

Metallic shooting stars,

when I wish upon these

it is for them to stop.....

Todays prompt is to be inspired by artwork created by Ukrainian artist 'Vika Muse'.

Vika has kindly given dVerse poets permission to use any one of her art pieces just for this prompt. My heart goes out to Ukraine and to Vika, as she grapples with the horrific situation in her beloved country. I have penned a very brief poem and I wish that somehow this war could be brief too. Already it has gone on for far too long.

Here is Vika's explanation of this particular painting:

"Girl on Swing" “My world under attack” - This artwork I dedicated to the feeling of regrets and sorrow due to the bombing of my country. I had a beautiful world full of happiness before the Russian attacks. They just came and start to demolish everything that I love for no reason. And my mindset has changed. My inner art world became infected by fear and sadness.

Here is the link to dVerse: Vika Muse Artwork

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