Reflective Skies...

There is nothing quite like taking a stroll in my neighbourhood, where pathways border marshy ponds and shallow waterways. For those who wish, these paths may also be ridden along, as they are wide enough to accommodate both cyclist and pedestrian.

The local Council has pegged signs by the water that say NO FISHING but as the water is brown and muddy I'm not sure that anyone would wish to fish! Freshwater carp and frogs abound, the first to eat the weeds and the latter to eat the mosquitos.

Waterfowl build their nests in the reeds, taking refuge when duck shooting season opens. Being urban, there is of course no shooting permitted, with the ducks seemingly knowledgeable about this fact!

Yet, from my house a block away, I just need to look up towards the skies above these waterways, as flocks of waterfowl fly in and out, whether they be ducks, black swans or Canadian geese. I have access to a skyscape which never fails to bring me great pleasure and one that calls me to look up on a daily basis...

Flying overhead

ducks are heard


Merril at dVerse has prompted us to write a haibun' [prose and haiku] pertaining to 'looking up'. Here is the link: Look Up

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