Past Tension.....

The future beckoned, but the fool reckoned

he could have his cake, and eat it too;

on looking back, walking loose and slack

he sadly discovered this was not true.

His backward gait meant a fall he'd take,

for his feet tripped over each other;

he'd need to turn around, or he'd be bound

by the past mistakes of his mother.

For she'd lived a life of toil and strife,

a bright future was not forthcoming;

and had told him that, from where she'd sat,

with her constant verbal drumming.

But eventually, this sad fool would see,

that a future may be there for the taking;

if he'd only look beyond mother's closed book,

a bright future could be in the making...

Today's dverse poets prompt to write a Gnomic poem. It may be serious and/or contain humour.

'Gnomic poetry is the long lived and loved practice of moralizing in verse. This places gnomic poetry squarely in the wisdom literature tradition. In its initial form, early Greek gnomic poetry was expressed with aphorisms or any saying that encapsulates, in a pithy manner, advice on how to (or how not to) live.'

Here is the link: Gnomic Poetry

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