One Night Only.....

While I gaze at the fullest moon,

walk hand in hand with you,

my heart does shine from deep within

as gently thee I woo.

My words may drip like honey,

dew glistens on the ground,

for you my dear are the one

my soulmate whom I've found.

And as the dawn begins to wake

please don't be sad or cross,

walk away and don't look back

or count this night as loss.

Remember me when I am gone

the night I held your hand,

shake off the blues my dearest one

as time slips through with sand.....

Lillian from dverse poets has asked us to write a poem using one or more compound words. From the list Lillian provided I have chosen:

moonwalk, honeydew, crosswalk, handshake.

We are to separate the two root words within our poem.

Here is the link: Compound Words

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