One For The Money.....

Elvis Presley has left the building they said

he was tired after the show so he went to bed;

he placed his shoes under the bed that was made

so no-one would step on the blue-blue, blue suede.....

This is a new [to me] type of poetry. It is called a 'clerihew' and consists of 4 lines. The first line presents the subject, usually a famous person, and the whole poem must be whimsical in nature. The first 2 lines must end with the same rhyming pattern and the last 2 lines also but in a different rhyme sequence. A clerihew has no rhythmic tempo but rather has a whimsical forced sort of pattern. I have enjoyed learning how to pen a clerihew with thanks to David, a fellow blogger/poet, for introducing me to this format.

You can find David's poetry blog here.

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