Old Fashioned Fare.....

Old fashioned fare, rice pudding or stew,

nowadays enjoyed by only a few.

Instead eggs bene' with pink salmon pieces

prices too high as pockets it fleeces.

Cordon bleu meals served on large plates,

green puree covering raw tuna steaks.

Where is the roast with vegies to match,

a man's meal that's easy to go down the hatch.

As for the wines that must complement

whatever you're having as a pure supplement.

No, not for this foodie who dares to rebel

against the cuisine that restaurants now sell.

A pub meal is great with a side of spud chips,

a beer or a wine by the glass with no tips.

Call me old fashioned if you feel that you must

for me no fresh jus or food you can't trust!

Instead fill my plate with hot steaming pud'

with custard and cream, I'd enjoy that I would!

It's all about food for todays dVerse poets prompt!

Here is the link: Foodie Poems

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