My Computer and I.....

Face to face we sit and talk

sometimes deeply sharing our secrets

but oft' times conversation is surface stuff only.

Always but always you are there,

encouraging me quietly and without intrusion.

Some days we just hang out together playing puzzles,

reading books, or sharing coffee whilst we search together

new ideas, innovations, photos and the like to share.

Patiently you wait for me every day,

anticipation drawing me in like a moth to the flame.

I cannot resist your pull nor your intelligence my friend

and even now we sit together as you allow me to type

whatever comes to mind and of course,

you don't mind one iota as I ask you all sorts of questions.

You answer me with many options and leave it up to me

as whether I respond with 'aha!' moments of clarity, or not.

Let's talk again tomorrow, same time, same place, same format.....

This poem is in response to a prompt to write a 'personification' poem, where one presents the object chosen as having human-like qualities. The Link is below to d'verse poets.

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