Mother's No Fool...

"I don't know where to begin," the woman lamented. " I've been told to make sure my affairs are in order and that my Will is up to date. But they won't make a call as to how long I've got! Do I sell all my possessions? Should I give away my personal belongings? Am I going to be in pain? These are the things they don't tell us!"

Flustered, the woman continued to vent to all and sundry.

Having been on the receiving end of this tirade, her nearest and dearest smiled, or perhaps smirked, at her angst.

" For goodness sake mother! said her grown children." It's just an insurance form! Fill it in and be done with it!"

But there were things their mother hadn't told them, such as the wire the Detective had hidden on her...

Thanks to Lisa for todays dVerse poets prompt to write a prosery of not more than 144 words. The line that must be included is:

'These are the things they don’t tell us.'

– Girl Du Jour, from Notes on Uvalde

Here is the link to dVerse: Prosery

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