Mittens and Love.....

I must have been about 3yrs old, as it was at that age I began having holidays with my paternal grandparents who lived an hour's drive away. This shared memory is hazy but still I can seen most of the memory in my mind. No-one has related this to me so I know it is an actual memory.

It must have been Winter as Nana bundled me up in a thick coat, hat and mittens, to walk to the nearby shops. It is the mittens I mostly remember as they had a long tape connecting them to each other. Nana needed to thread the tape through each sleeve of my coat, pulling it through behind my back yet still hidden under the coat. She then placed my little hands into the cozy knitted warmth of the mittens. The idea of the connecting tape was so I wouldn't lose a mitten if one should slip off, as my mittens only had a thumb space.

Thus dressed we headed for town, stepping over the train tracks and through the tall trees that marked the path.....

The chill of Winter

kept at bay by my mittens

and Nana's warm love.....

This haibun is in response to dverse's prompt to share a memory.

dVerse prompt haibun

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