Kiwi Mountains.....

Todays dverse poets prompt is to write a haibun with reference to 'cold mountain' in some way or other. Here is the link: Cold Mountain


I am able to appreciate cold, snow-capped mountains with their rugged beauty, in spite of my lack of enthusiasm to ever climb one! Here in New Zealand we have many such mountains, with the Southern Alps running the length of the South Island.

Mount Taranaki, in the North Island, was where the movie 'The Last Samurai' was filmed and everyone knows of Sir Edmund Hilary of NZ, who was the first to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Today we are even celebrating our first ever Gold and Silver medals won at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Not too shabby for a little country at the bottom of the world!

Ice cold mountain peaks

breeding ground for excellence;

kiwis flying high!

This satellite image shows the South Island of New Zealand with the Southern Alps running down the its length.

New Zealanders, otherwise known as 'kiwis' [from the flightless kiwi bird and not the kiwi fruit!] have a habit of pushing any accomplishments into the background, or downplaying them. We don't like skiting or appearing to boast etc. so have the tendency to almost be embarrassed at any amazing feats. 'Nah, it's nothing mate, all in a days work, could have done better I s'pose, might give it another crack one day etc etc.'

So today I am proudly flying the flag high for the kiwis who really do fly!!!

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