JESUS Saves.....

These two words, 'JESUS saves' have often offended people and have caused much ridicule and mocking. I know this because I once was one of those mockers. I had absolutely no idea that I needed saving as such! Until one day I heard the gospel preached clear as a bell. It cut deep into my heart as I saw my state before a Holy GOD and knew that indeed I did need saving from sin. I didn't need to do anything to get to Heaven or to please GOD and in fact in myself, that would have been impossible! But Grace meant that JESUS had provided the Way by taking the punishment that would have been due to me. As I asked JESUS to forgive me that day, and to come and reign within my heart, everything changed. That was more than 40 years ago and He has not once let me down or abandoned me in any way, shape or form.

In the Bible it says that all those who call upon JESUS shall be saved. This is difficult for those who like to do things 'there way' and pride will stop them from seeking the Saviour. However it is not too late dearhearts to humbly ask JESUS to forgive you and to save you. He is indeed just a heartfelt cry away from you.

Not one of us is perfect

not one of us is pure


and the pain He did endure.

He washed away our sins

He cleansed us from our past

giving life to those who know

without Him they would not last.

The Amazing Grace of GOD,

with Mercy and with Love,

JESUS came to earth to save,

then rose to Heaven above.

His shed Blood that freely flowed

from the Cross where He was hung,

made The Way for us to go to heaven

where angelic songs are sung.

Today HE says to come to Him,

bring your burdens and your shame

with open arms He'll welcome you

should you call upon His Name.....

It really is quite simple and is open to all. This is not Religion nor Law nor legalistic in any way. Rather it is good news for anyone who would just sincerely ask JESUS.

HE loves you and waits for you to call upon Him.....

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