Honey Bees and Covid.....

Shopping online

on a rainy afternoon,

bought myself a tablecloth

albeit too soon;

I have yet to buy a table

at which to sit and eat

so having such a cloth at hand

I think is rather neat!

The table is on order

as they say it's not in stock,

Covid has delayed supplies

with ships not in their dock.

The ordered goods from China,

the manufacturer overseas,

has stockpiles of these tablecloths

all sporting honey bees!

My hubby sighs and shakes his head

says to order what I like,

for one day soon there will occur

an online ordering spike!

Containers will be clogged with stock

that will be surely out of date

for in the weeks and months to come

the stock will come too late!

So mustard coloured honey bees,

prints on fabric that is linen

are ordered, paid and packaged

but to receive is not a given!

By the time the rain has stopped today

the tills have been a-ringing

as online orders stream on through

but will they be a-bringing!?

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