Hello Vera.....

I have always been fascinated by succulents, mainly for their symmetrical shapes and growth patterns. I am not sure where the dividing line is between cacti and succulents, for both plant species can be quite beautiful, especially when they flower.

Aloe Vera is one succulent that many swear by for various medicinal applications. All I can say is never put raw Aloe Vera onto your face for moisturizing! I tried it and although it did make my skin soft and lovely, the absorption caused my sleep to go awry! It was quite scary with me sinking into a black hole of sleep with disturbing dreams. Upon 'Googling' this I discovered that raw Aloe Vera on ones skin has been observed as disrupting sleep patterns. Methinks that like some cacti, this particular succulent has mind-altering properties! Yikes! So for me it's Goodbye Vera!

Succulently raw

rabbit holes of disturbing

patterns when sleeping.....

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