Hamlet ~ Political [Inn]Correctness.....

PC or not PC ~ that is the question;

whether 'tis nobler to speak your mind

or keep thy mouth firmly closed,

for troubles will surely catch thee unawares

if words pour forth that hit the mark.

Thy foot, thy mouth, consume each other

when you take no heed or measured bother

to soften what you blurt on out.

Lubrication that is fluid

will often oil the conversation

and cause a righteous indignation!

To drink, to speak, to speak

perchance with loosened tongue?

Aye, there's the pub!

Down the forward-speaking brew

and then you will bring forth what's true;

but woe-be-tide the consequences

of the non PC, well-oiled sentence!

Ingrid from dVerse poets has prompted us to pen a poem which must include some reference to William Shakespeare and one or more of his writings. I have taken a rather bold approach as to the subject of being politically correct, or not. [ No offense intended towards the Bard himself, or towards other poets.]

Here is the link: The Bard

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