Great Bones.....

It was listening far too much to other's opinions that led to my own opinions becoming silenced and calcified. Or one could even venture to say petrified, rather than calcified! Over the years, layer by layer, the good bones that I had set out with, slowly solidified into an acceptable state of being. It was safer that way I had discovered. Today is it any different I ask myself, with the answer being it is better, but sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy. You see, false expectations have taken their toll, with shoulders carrying far too many burdens which are still yet to be resolved, but I'm getting there. Thankful to have great bones to begin with, I am grateful that the foundation is good and that goes a long way to alleviating any heaviness that tries to cling on.....

Another great prompt from d'verse poets. This time it is for a prosery of 144 words that must contain the line 'sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy'.

The Link is here:

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