Enduring Friendship.....

All the while we pick blackberries in the wild,

foraging through shared time-machined escapades,

acknowledging that all stories are truthful and right.

Past mistakes present thorns of now-resolved conflict

with the juice of those memories still flowing through.

Secrets are quietly told in hushed hues of guilt or sorrow,

yet confidences are honoured and verdicts withheld.

Years have come and gone, with ambitions realized, or not,

with the call of the wild still pertinent as hope remains.

Corralled control of our shared lives simply evades us,

thus learning to let go has become essential for our friendship,

and all the while we pick blackberries in the wild.....

This is a dverse prompt to write a 'circular' poem where the poem takes you on a circular loop. I dedicate this poem to Marion C. who has been, and still remains, my closest friend. Over the decades we have come to understand how our friendship works, with trust and love anchoring us together, as we laugh and enjoy each other's company. We may go for weeks and weeks without catching up but when we do it is easy and natural and we pick up where we left off. Our friendship circle is still rolling.....

Here is the Link to dVerse: Circular Poetry

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