Edges of Mental Health.....

An edge can be reached after a long

journey yet once there spiraling

commences with the end swift,

sudden, always brutal.

Off the edge you spin

down into dark





there are

mountain peaks

waiting to rise,

encouraging you

to then look up with hope

and to take the path leading

upwards to Mt. Restoration

where soft edges embrace your return.

I've penned this 'mirrored nonet' in response to dverse's prompt to write a poem about edges and/or fringes. Having experienced these valleys and mountains myself I have found there is always hope, no matter how dark the abyss may be at the time. It is always a very difficult journey but eventually there is nowhere to go but up, and 'up' is usually one step at a time. I found that it is achievable to come up again.....

Edges and Fringes - dversepoets

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