Derelict Houses.....

Derelict houses all filled with mouses,

parliaments sit in their rafters;

the houses all groan as wind-whistlers moan

piercing their frames with cold drafters.

The houses cry 'foul!' and throw in the towel,

when parliament issues decrees;

'Chickens we're not, have you houses forgot

that we are permitting this breeze?'

The derelict houses all filled with mouses

gang up on the dictating owls;

together they make an earthquake-like shake

dispersing those self-loving fowls!

Another great poetry prompt from dverse poets. This time we are invited to write about a house - not one from childhood memory but rather from imagination or by looking at an unfamiliar house etc etc. What came to mind for me was this whimsical poem!

Here is the Link: House

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