Come Up Higher.....

Don't rush at me please,

dear friend or dear foe

I need time to heal

do you not know?

A pace that is slower

suits me full well,

it may make a difference,

more time will then tell.

Once life was easy

as sweet apple pie,

with roses and butterflies

within a clear sky.

But along came the clouds

of coarse ridicule,

stuff that left marks

from even at school.

Poor introvert child,

who told you such things,

who dampened your life

and clipped your poor wings?

Rise up from the ashes

and soar upwards anew

shake off the naysayers

and their points of view.

You're more than the total

of the days of your life,

you're more than the stresses

you're more than the strife;

you are wonderfully made

in the image of the KING

now lift your head high

and fly as you sing!

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