Celebrating Colour!

Christmas and New Year have been full of colour for me and I celebrate that! From grandkids making their own special desserts with purple jelly, blueberries, chocolate and loads of sprinkles, to the blue'ist of skies I have ever seen!

I have decided I'm not going to let the dark, depressing Covid and Omicron greys dominate! Hence my new-look website this year that celebrates colour too! In fact it's almost eye watering with the green and red tones but heyho, colour is going to be celebrated in all kinds of ways for me.

It is also helpful that here in New Zealand it's Summer, with clear skies and hot days for weeks. Little chaffinches abound with their red heads and yellow feathers, even our recycle bins are at the curb today in all their red-lidded glory.

2022? I'm celebrating colour!

Rose tinted glasses

refreshes optimism

hope restored once more.....

Hurrah!!!! Our first dverse poetry prompt for 2022. I have missed being challenged over the holidays. Todays prompt is to pen a haibun [prose and haiku] about celebration[s] we have experienced during this time...

Here is the link: Celebration

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