Ballet Blossoms.....

As a middle child, for the first nine years of my life, we each chose a tree in the garden that we claimed as 'ours'. My older sister chose the cherry tree and ever since then she has always loved her cherry trees, planting one in most gardens where she has resided over the years. I cannot remember what 'my tree' was but it may have been the old 'crabapple tree' or my younger sister may have chosen that - I can't remember. What I do remember is that the oldest sister always got to choose first, with most things.

For example she 'chose' the best plum tree in the orchard whilst my younger sister and I had to 'share' the only other plum tree.

Being a middle daughter [a brother did come along when I was nine] I found that my choices were often deemed as unimportant and subsequently I learned to take a back seat in family life, which still occurs today.

But I digress, back to the cherry tree - a magnificent tree which bore magnificent blossoms in the Spring and I can absolutely understand why it was 'chosen' in the first place.....

Flounces of tutus

burst from the greys of Winter

to begin their dance.....

Todays dverse prompt is to write a haibun about cherry blossoms.

Here is the Link: Cherry Blossoms

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