A Rough Passage.....

Hello? Does anyone know I'm here?

What has happened over the years

that makes my cry fall on deaf ears?

Breaches of trust have taken their toll,

circumstances of life covering my mind

until I've become more and more invisible.

Help! It's me! Under the layers of theatrical paint

of learned behaviour and performance duties.

I'm here! Bright and alive, vibrant and acute!

But self-concealment has put me on mute.

Others deem it necessary to tell of their pains as

I give them permission to off-load and declutter.

I'm a good listener to their secrets and dreams

while my mind still has its own silent screams.

Anxiety, depression and lingering grief

crowd my mind some days without much relief.

Mustn't let on, keep up the charade

of a middle-aged woman caught up in the parade

of life as we know it,

no deviations allowed to be voiced.

O lash me to the mast! So I don't drown in self-pity

or die in a hail of judgmental bullets flung my way.

Either could do their dastardly deeds

of further damage to this dear soul.

Then a Voice of 'fear not!' It's the Captain of my ship!

'Just be willing to be willing

to leave this hidden cove, it's time!'

So I set my course thus voluntarily secured,

with the Divine compass pointing

to where I can make landfall on Authenticity.....

This is a dverse poets prompt to write a poem from 'a place of pain'. I penned this poem many years ago when I was middle-aged. I did indeed bleed words onto paper at the time. Today, as a seventy year old, I can look back and recognize that woman who was in so much pain at the time and yet I know she is more at home now on the land of Authenticity than ever before...

Here is the Link: A Place of Pain

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