A Pony Tale.....

[Schuttelreim: Poetic Forms

Couplet (or two-line) poem or stanzas.

The final two words of each couplet exchange initial consonants.]


In the valley by the rippling creek

arose a stench, a crippling reek;

the whirring wings of a dragonfly

hovered next to a flagon dry.

On the stone banks lay a bony pile,

the rotting remains of pony bile;

the horse had drunk the flagon dry

when offered it by the dragonfly.

Not quite dead the horse drew breath

narrowly missing a cruel brew death;

slowly unfolding and sitting kneel ready

it humbly knew it had been a real Neddy!

Penned this the other day so thought I would share it on dVerse's Open Link Night where we can share a poem of our choosing.

Here is the link: OPN at dVerse

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